The Tomato of Campania Felix: a Treasure of Italian Culinary Tradition

The tomato is one of the typical products of the Campania region and the Mediterranean diet.

Campanian tomatoes are renowned worldwide for their quality. The fertility of this land, kissed by the sun and caressed by sea breezes, provides an ideal environment for tomato cultivation. The Mediterranean climate and the farming traditions of local farmers create optimal conditions for growing tomatoes.

The fresh, tangy taste and the typical vibrant red color distinguish this gastronomic excellence. The distinctive character and its authentic and genuine flavor make Campanian tomatoes an irreplaceable product both for haute cuisine and for home cooking.

Tomatoes are processed into a wide range of products for large-scale distribution such as puree, peeled tomatoes, concentrate, sauces, and preserves.

The quality of the raw material and the processing methods have allowed the Italian agri-food industry to conquer leadership in the international market with the export of Italian tomatoes worldwide.